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Cost Efficiency & Dredge Material Management

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Photo courtesy of: Portland District, Channels and Harbors Team

Selected projects and publications in the Cost Efficiency area

Yeats image

Utilizing Stream Flows to Forecast Dredging Requirements

Lead researcher: Elissa Yeates

Description: This project involves model development, simulations, and results of the utilization of Stream Prediction Tool (SPT) data to estimate and to predict sedimentation loads and dredging activities

Duluth-Superior Harbor

Dredged Material Management in Duluth-Superior Harbor

Lead researcher: Burton Suedel, Joe Kreitinger

Description: This work is investigated how dredged material with low levels of contamination could be used for this restoration project in Duluth-Superior Harbor, specifically sediments with potential mercury flux – a legacy of industrial activity in the area. It served as a needed demonstration for beneficial use of dredged material, providing an example of dredged material beneficial uses for other harbors in the Great Lakes.

prototype bin measurement system

Bin measure payment for hopper dredge contracts for moving sand and mud

Lead researcher: Tim Welp, Rhonda Lenoir

Description: The objective of this project is to provide a robust automatic hopper measurement prototype method that accurately measures sand and mud hopper loads consistent with the actual work performed by the contractor. The motivation for this work was a request from New Orleans District (MVN) for assistance in exploring alternatives to hopper dredge rental contracts.

Cost Analysis image

Dredging costs analysis and dredging price index

Lead researcher: Matthew Bates, Igor Linkov

Description: This work examined historical dredging cost data and dredging experts’ observations and recommendations compiled during the study. The analyses focused on identifying and summarizing trends from past dredging events than can serve as benchmarks for forecasting future costs or identifying areas of potential improvement.